Model bodyshells produced by Terry's Model Cars
are designed and proportioned to accept
1/10th scale Radio-Control components
which are readily available
wherever you are .
1/10th scale Radio-Control ( R/C ) is an International racing and
recreational category . Kits and spares are readily available
world-wide .
As the type of car modelled by TMC is realistically a very small car , the use of
1/10th scale chassis and components results in models of approx 1/5th scale .
The width of TMC model bodyshells is chosen to match the width of International
1/10th scale Off-Road racing Buggies , and avoids the need for extensive modifications
It is also possible to use1/10th scale touring sedans which are generally narrower but
can often be fitted with buggy suspension and steering to achieve the required width .
Chassis may need to be lengthened but this is usually an easier modification .
All R/C components supplied by Terry's Model Cars are
new and unused , except for installation and testing .
However , if you wish to perform your own inexpensive
R/C conversion , in the R/C hobby there is a constant
stream of new models and improved components which
ensures frequent opportunities to acquire suitable "used"
components as racers update to the latest developments .
For 3-wheeled Messerschmitts and 3- or 4- wheeled Isettas , TMC recommend using a
Front-Wheel-Drive donor kit . The conversion of the rear suspension is then simpler .
Another common option is to use a Four-Wheel-Drive donor chassis and simply
remove the rear drive mechanism .
TMC can also recommend inexpensive radio-control equipment .
A basic 2-channel transmitter / receiver set will give control of
steering and speed
It is easy to install , easy to adjust and easy to use .
Sets with more channels may be used where horn or lights or
turn signals are fitted .
They are also quiet to operate , easy to keep clean and usually include a reverse gear .
However , some modellers have successfully fitted Glo-plug liquid fuel motors and have
produced models with very high speed capabilities , although the lack of a reverse
gear can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations .
I am continually amazed by the skill , inventiveness and ingenuity
which some modellers apply when interpreting their own ideas
into a TMC model bodyshell .
Some skillfull individuals incorporate intricate detail while others prefer to echo my
original concept - a strong , resilient fun car which will take all the knocks that the
street and the Rally venue can provide .

Some modellers choose the best of both worlds - one bodyshell for fun ,
speed and spills , and another pristine bodyshell for display .

Will one bodyshell be enough for you ?
Tg 500
KR 200
BMW 600
BMW 700