When we bought our Isetta our friends were astonished ! By 1978 bubblecars had
long ago disappeared from the conventional scene and had faded from the memory
of the population . They were never , ever seen on UK roads - but I remembered them
from my teenage years and I wanted one !
First , I convinced Carol that it would be a good idea to have a small , economical
second car . Then I convinced her that an older car wouldn't lose its value , and
might even appreciate , given time . Then I suggested that a bubblecar would be just
right ! She thought I'd flipped . But although apprehensive , she eventually agreed -
she was sure I wouldn't find one , anyway . She thought that by this time , in the mid-
70's , they would surely have been scrapped , dismantled , broken , trashed , junked .
In 1979 we took Funky Jimmy to his first ever event - he attracted a lot of attention ,
particularly from the children - they had never before seen a bubblecar , and were
fascinated by the front-opening door . At this event we met some other local
enthusiasts , who were restoring a Bond , a Messerschmitt and a Scootacar . We
became a band of Microcar enthusiasts , appearing often at North of England events .
We continued even after our son Michael was born , and our Isetta has since made
many trips abroad , carrying the three of us , plus camping equipment .
Wee Jimmy's first major showing was at the 1992 National Rally in England and I was
amazed at the response . I was overwhelmed with requests to produce replicas for
other enthusiasts - a Swedish visitor even suggested that we would soon be having
races for them , if only I would make more . I had only made our model for my son
and myself to enjoy and had not anticipated such demand , but having contemplated
the idea for a while I agreed . I refined the model , added more detail , corrected
some aspects which I thought warranted attention , and by the following year was
able to offer Isetta models ( Wee-settas ) to other enthusiasts .
So what started as an experiment has developed into
an interest which has introduced our family to fellow
enthusiasts from all over the world . We now have
friends throughout Europe and in Scandinavia , USA
and Canada , Costa Rica , South America , South
Africa , Australia and even Japan .
What does the future hold ? There are several
other models of small cars which I would like to
make , including those featured on the "What's
next?" page . Maybe your favourite will be next !
Cheers !
Tg 500
KR 200
BMW 600
BMW 700