In the early 1950's , I S O Spa of Italy were
manufacturers of refrigerators and scooters . It has
been said that the Isetta , with its front opening door
and small engine , was a hybrid of the two .
"ISETTA" means "Little ISO"
After only two years of production , I S O sold manufacturing rights to BMW . It was a
good purchase and rescued BMW from almost certain closure . BMW modified and
fitted their own motorcycle engine and soon BMW Isettas were a familiar sight on
roads throughout Europe .
TMC offer two types of Isetta model bodyshell
Approx 420 x 267 x 235mm ( Approx 17" x 10" x 9" )
Here's some examples -
This photo shows the removable headlamp
lenses - the lights all work .

A soundtrack from a novelty alarm clock has
been installed to make it brumm , brumm .

The hand highlights the scale .

The model is stood on the roof of a real Isetta .
Look carefully - inside the model there is an
even smaller model .
A sexy model , an Isetta , and the poppet who
packs and posts the parcels - my wife , Carol .
The model is on the right , on the table .
My real Isetta is in the centre , on the grass .
The model is my prototype , my very first
radio-controlled creation .
The ones that followed were more accurate
and featured better detail .
This enthusiast from Ohio , USA , can be justifiably
proud of his 1.2 Isettas . ( That's a real one and a
1/5th scale model .)

TMC supplied a basic white gel bodyshell and its
new owner skilfully modelled it to match his own
full-size car .

The first photo shows the man himself and his car .

The second photo shows his model with its glazed
window area , opening sunroof , and you can see
its fully upholstered interior through its opening
door . And a scale model of the man himself !

The model is fully radio-controlled , too ...
The owner exhibited his model at a USA National
radio-controlled model show where there were
classes for boats , aircraft , and cars .
This model won the BEST IN SHOW Award .
Here's one I made earlier - for a charming
lady enthusiast from Dorset , England .
TMC sprayed it in Radiant Red to match the
lady's real car and painted the windows with
a smoked silver effect .
The lady didn't want radio-control but did
want rolling wheels . TMC made a simple
GRP flat chassis and fitted hubs , axles ,
bearings , wheels and realistic tyres .
If you have an Isetta , you'll know why you need
one of these .
TMC make Isetta Battery Covers in strong but
lightweight GRP .
They fit snugly into the original battery recess in the
Isetta floorpan .
They are vinyl-textured and are finished in grey gel
colour to blend with authentic Isetta interior panels .
Here's an Isetta model sent to a collector in Missouri USA . The owner asked for a
model just like his real car so TMC converted the bumpers (fenders) and lights to
US spec and hand-made a rear rack . The car was then painted in the correct
white over red scheme .
Here's a Metallic Green model Isetta which TMC supplied to some enthusiasts in South-
East England . It was supplied Ready-to-Run and modelled to match their real car .
Here's another Ready-to-Run TMC Isetta , supplied to an enthusiast in Denver USA .
The pics show the real car , then the model . The real car was supplied new to
Geo H Lyons , Plumbing and Heating Engineers of Waterville ( how apt ! ) and is
totally original including the signwriting on the side . So of course TMC produced a
copy of the signwriting on the side of the model .
Here's another unique model which
TMC made to match the unique (?)
surviving real 1956 Isetta Pick-up
which was on Display at Automuseum
Story , the world's largest KleinWagen
museum .

The model was altered by hand from a
Standard ( Bubble-window type )
bodyshell and finished in the correct
original shade of green .
Tg 500
KR 200
BMW 600
BMW 700
And ... Just for fun ....
Probably ...
The World's smallest
Radio-Controlled Isetta
with wrist-watch transmitter